Our documentary film “Cape Cod Over Istanbul” has finished as 54 minutes length. Please contact for distribution.
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Feature film project

Road of Passion

The adventures life of a young woman who works as a heavy vehicle driver in Turkey... >>>

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8th Art Productions

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Specialized in both local and international filmmaking, 8th Art Productions prides in producing thought-provoking,well-researched and creative films in various genres. The portfolio ranges from commercials, to promos and documentaries.

8th Art Productions works with a diverse team of professionals that bring in a wide range of knowledge and experience. The company benefits from starting projects with traditional filmmaking methods and complements it with the use of the state of the art technology.

8th Art Productions is a place of expression and individuality, allowing talent and vision to guide the projects from the conceptual stage to finalization with utmost creativity.


We’re well aware of rapid progressing of the technology. Today, artistic communication has evolved into multimedia, regarded as the eighth form of art. We have incorporated various art forms into our production work.

8.Sanat produces creative work of the highest quality in an environment that is personal, charismatic, and friendly. The producers pay utmost attention ensuring cost-effective production and creative value for their clients.

Accustomed to working with international film crews, we go beyond the usual in order for you to obtain the finest result. We offer full production service to International Production Companies for a wide range of budgets. We arrange permits, acquisition, insurance, locations, accommodation, catering, finding local cast and extras With a long established film industry, Turkey offers sophisticated laboratory, post-production and studio facilities as well as state of the art lighting, camera and grip equipment for hire.

Turkey also offers exceptional value for money, which gives international producers the ability to meaningfully extend their budgets. You get a variety of climates in different regions that make shooting a pleasure. The staggering variety of people, landscapes and scenery contained within Turkey provide a film-maker with endless options to choose from when looking for a suitable location. Snowy mountains, deep green forests, long sandy beaches, historic sites and sophisticated cities can all to be found here. Turkey offers world-class accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to opulent self catering apartments.

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